How To: Put alligators and chickens into a trance-like state

Put alligators and chickens into a trance-like state

In this BBC Earth video documentary, you'll see some amazing tricks you can perform with alligators and chickens. You'll see the exact process to put alligators and chickens into a trance-like state.

The trance is a bizarre condition that effects many different animals. Alligators are easily mesmerized, mostly by Florida showmen, by making it react as if it were grabbed by another predator.

A chicken can be hypnotized by flipping it over and focusing its attention. It's that easy. These strange states probably originated as a defense.

They don't show how to put a pigeon into a trance, but all you have to do is grab the pigeon, turn it upside down and start to wave it back and forth in a circle, then gently put it on the ground upside down. Clap your hands to wake it up.

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We don't get many alligators where i live, but the next time I'm attacked by a pigeon or a chicken i will know what to do.

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