How To: Care for baby tortoises

Care for baby tortoises

Follow Mark Amey's step by step guide to looking after baby tortoises. Tortoises are interesting pets but need committed owners as they can live for over 100 years. Care for baby tortoises so they live past that century milestone! Buy your tortoise from a reputable breeder or pet shop. Don't buy them over the internet as they may be sent to you in the post and won't be kept in safe conditions. If your tortoise has been legally bred it will come with a sales certificate known as Article 10 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. If you buy an adult tortoise, the certificate will state your pet has been micro chipped. Learn what housing and bedding environment is best for your exotic pet. Your baby tortoise should be kept in a well ventilated glass or wooden tank called a vivarium. Also learn how o handle your tortoise, what food it eats and its other dietary needs, how to exercise and play with it, clean it, and other information about tortoise health. Enjoy your tortoise!

Care for baby tortoises

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